Recertification Application and General Information

Eligibility Requirements

Current licensure for RN, PA, LPN/LVN, NP or CNS Current CBUNA certification. Minimum of 800 hours of urological practice experience during the previous 3-year certification period. CBUNA recognizes 3 distinctive components of nursing practice: service, education, and research. Practice may be direct or indirect and include acute or long-term care, clinics/offices, home care/community health, surgery, education, research, and administration.

It is the policy of CBUNA that no individual shall be excluded from the opportunity to participate in the CBUNA certification program on the basis of age, sex, race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Options Available

A. Retake the written exam

The certification exam is given twice a year at established testing centers across the country. It is also held in conjunction with the SUNA Annual Fall Conference. Candidates with the exception of the CUPA and CUCNS may elect to re-test. The test will be composed of 175 items. A passing score must be attained to become recertified. If a candidate does not attain a passing score, the certification process must start anew as stated in the certification policy. The certification application, fee and testing schedule is available at

B. Continuing Education

Education programs must be presented by an individual, state, or national organization accredited as a provider of continuing education. Education programs may be in any format including, but not limited to, courses, workshops, and independent study modules. With initial certification, contact hours may be accrued for certification renewal from the date of testing. If the certification examination is offered in conjunction with an education program, the continuing education credit offered after the exam may be used toward certification renewal.

Contact hours must be documented with copies of certificates of attendance at approved seminars or conference, copies of independent study modules, copies of published materials, presentations, or multimedia productions (i.e., video, audio tapes, or computer generated discs).

All continuing education certificates must include the following information: Name of attendee, activity title, date of activity, activity sponsor, accreditation statement and number of contact hours awarded. Verification of documentation is required only upon audit. Fifty (50) approved contact hours (CE's) are required. The hours must have been earned in the last 3 years, with a minimum of 36 hours pertinent to the field of urology. All contact hours must be acceptable to the Board to continue certification.

Category A:

Urologic Health Care (minimum of 36 contact hours, maximum of 10 contact hours for medical /renal topics). If you have documented 50 or more contact hours in Category A, you do not need to complete Category B.

Category B:

General Nursing, Health Care, and Academic

Attention CBUNA Certified Nurses and Associates

The CBUNA Board of Directors has an announcement that will affect the recertification requirements.

Beginning June 1, 2018, Category B (General nursing, health care, and academic) continuing education credits will NO LONGER be required or accepted as part of the recertification requirements. Therefore, beginning June 1, 2018, only a minimum of 36 Category A (Urologic specific) continuing education credits will be required and accepted.

Click here for a list of board approved urologic-specific credits.

For more information or questions, please contact the CBUNA Recertification Committee at

The "Recertification Process" link contains a list of acceptable Category A and B sources necessary for you to apply for recertification through continuing education. Please review all materials, including examples, before you begin to complete the recertification application. Links to online form, downloadable application, recertification process, examples.

SUNA Foundation Recertification Scholarship

The SUNA Foundation will provide reimbursement of recertification fees for the applicant successfully complying with CBUNA recertification criteria. Click here to read more.

Recertification Fees

The cost of recertification is:

CUA/CURN $150 Nonmembers $225
CUCNS/CUPA/CUNP $175 Nonmembers $250

Ten percent (10%) of the recertification applications will be audited.